Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Scandalous Fluttery Eyes: Rimmel London's Scandal'Eyes

In my Tom Ford Sahara Haze post last week, I used the Rimmel Scandal Eyes mascara to complete the look. Today lets take a closer look at the mascara.

Rimmel London Scandal’Eyes Mascara
This mascara gets your attention immediately. The bright over-sized orange tube means you cannot misplace it anywhere in your makeup stash. It also means that it takes up precious space if you are packing it into your makeup bag for on-the-go uses. But that’s the only negative about this product because it was all love when I put it to use!

The rounded brush is massive with dense bristles that help to grab my sparse lashes, coating it with a good lashing of the mascara formula. Due to it’s size I didn’t even try using it for lower lashes because I cannot do precise coating on my almost non-existent ones with such as big brush.

Formula wise, it contains collagen and keratin to build up the lash volume and help strengthen them up. When applying there were no clumps experienced, nor were there any flaking fall outs, and it did great job of giving defined separated lashes that give the fluttery full lash look that doesn’t droop at the end of the day.

Tip: start at the base of lashes and use a wiggling (zigzagging) motion to coat your lashes from base to tip to create volume and length.

After 5 hours of wear, there was slight smudging on my eyes (due to the fact I blink heaps and have rather watery eyes so others may not experience this).

Overall I’m very pleased with this new Mascara from Rimmel and am glad it launched this month because I've finished up with my much-loved Mirenesse Vibralash as an every day mascara.

12mL RRP A$16.95 at Priceline, David Jones, Kmart, Target, Big-W and selected pharmacies.

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  1. Ooooo! I've been umming and ahhing about trying this mascara. I might give it a go after reading this :)

    Thanks! xx

  2. been trying to decide between trying this & the newie from Maybelline, the "one by one"... decisions, decisions!

  3. @Pie Square - If you have deep set or large eyes, this one will be perfect as the brush will get through everything! Will have to also look into the Maybelline one but my experiences with their other masacaras haven't been as good.

    @Votrebelle - I think you will <3 it!

  4. Ahh I've also tried this mascara not that long ago- I have really long lashes already, so I didn't have to wear so much of it...I think it's defo one that you want to go for if you want length, but what I need is volume and something to thicken my lashes. :) x

  5. @Abbeyisadino - I actually found this formula to be quite volumising, not the crazy volume that looks like spidery-leg thick lashes (yikes!) but a nice fullness that looks natural and thicker than my thin lashes :)

  6. great review! not usually mascara user but do love reading reviews!



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