Thursday, February 2, 2012

New HG: SK II Signs Up-lifter for Poreless Bouncy Skin

Holy grail or HG items are products that just work for you. Like your best friend, they don't come by often and you cherish them when they enter your life. They are products that never lets you down; the thing you can turn for failsafe amazing results every time.

Now everyone has different HG items because we all have different preferences, skin conditions and live in different environments. This means that a product that is someone’s HG may not be yours because it doesn’t work as well for you. But often, it’s a safe bet that HG products are amazing products that work for a large majority of people.

Last week I raved and sang the praises of my HG serum, Bio-effect. Today, I want to introduce to you another HG serum I’ve discovered when I ventured into the land of SK II.

I was first acquainted to the brand when I bought my first starter kit 2 years ago that contained their renowned facial treatment essence (the one with commercial about the old Japanese ladies brewing sake having amazingly soft and smooth hands because they were constantly in constant with the active ingredient pitera from the brewery). I was sold on story after its first run.

I used the set on and off for a month and although I enjoyed it and noticed nice soft skin, I didn’t think there was anything magical about it.

So I’m delighted that this latest product I’ve tried from SK II is more than magical for me.

SK II Signs Up-Lifter
Intensive Lifting Serum. Firms. Tones. Enhances moisture resiliency. A powerful anti-aging serum that targets sagging contours and combines Pitera*4 - an extremely concentrated form of Pitera, firming humectant technology, vitamins B3, E and Pro-Vitamin B5, Dermalink Dual Peptide Crithmum Maritimum and Brown Sea Algae. Rapidly tightens the skin in three dimensions through intense moisture. Improves skin's elasticity and energises its look.

Ok the copy writing sounds very fluffy but don’t all these beauty products make impossible claims most of the time?
  • This serum is quite thick, emollient and almost scentless (it has an indistinct scent).
  • It spreads very well on skin, meaning that a little pea size amount will cover quite a large surface area of the face. Two pea-size amounts and my whole face is done and I might dab a little bit more around the outer corner of my eye area.
  • It does contain silicone (dimethicone) which gives it the silky texture and upon it being absorbed, my skin instantly feels like velvet and is cushiony soft without any signs of greasiness.
  • I don’t know what the business is with the skin tightening in three dimensions in the description (huh are we in sci-fi land?) but honestly, my skin the next day is firmer and fresher looking in just one night. It definitely has got the WOW factor happening.
  • Now I’m not that easily impressed but after 3 days use, I noticed that the pores on my cheeks which were previously quite enlarged have shrunk in appearance. I know pores don’t have muscles so can’t shrink per se but they just don’t appear as prominent and my skin is so much more refined and hardly noticeable, and this is after washing my face where I have nothing on.
  • Another week of use and I feel the elasticity of my skin has improved a lot – not only does it feel firm and soft but, there a bouncy resilience that make me think I have teenage skin again! Oh and I look airbrushed and virtually poreless!
  • Now the price tag isn’t cheap at A$210 a bottle, but for such dramatic results and in such short space of time, I think it’s an investment-worthy bottle of miracle.

So Bio-effect – you have been fantastic but I’ve found something more amazing and I’m breaking off our relationship with you. SKII Signs Up-Lifter is my new love and HG and it's even slightly less expensive (it’s all relative here people, the unit pricing makes this cheaper).

For firm, velvety supple skin with bounciness and the benefit of even toned skin that gives pore-less looking results in just weeks, then this is it. This is my HG and power product.

RRP A$210 | US$225 - 40g at SKII counters and online at AdoreBeauty for Australians (another rare occasion where Aussie prices are slightly less than US pricing)!

What is your HG product that you use everyday?
This featured product was provided for consideration.


  1. Mine is prevage at the moment and is about to run out. May be I will try this instead this time.


  2. wooohh something i might look into =) i enjoy skII products, don't like its price. hehe

  3. Prav - yep, give this one a go. I think they are both good and I'd continue to use both.

    Cendana - I don't like the price either but this one is worth it!

  4. nice opinion.. thanks for sharing...

  5. I've been using sk-ii since 18 months ago and since then, i haven't put any face powder on my complexion. I enjoy leaving my skin bare without any face powder and i have saved plenty of time for not putting any make up before going outdoor. Sounds too good to be true huh? Well, it has truly happened to me....proven, it works well with my skin but it doesn't mean that it will deliver the same promising result to the others because we were born different..

  6. This stuff is expensive but worth it.....kinda like myself...
    you can purchase it for less that half the price on


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