Wednesday, February 1, 2012

All About Eyes: Skin Physics Instant FX & ASAP Advanced Eye Repair +

Today’s skincare series is focused on the eye.

I had the pleasure of trying two eye products over the past couple of months, enough time to sufficiently road test them and now it’s time to report back.

Skin Physics Instant FX – Instant Eye Makeover
Instant FX Instant Eye Makeover is the newest revolution from cosmeceutical pioneer, Skin Physics, It is the world’s first product to contain an ultra-hydrating ingredient hyadisine formulated to mimic a unique sea mussel from Douarenez Bay France.

The anti-ageing cream, couple with multiple roller balls and micro-massage vibrating technology instantly targets wrinkles, fine lines and puffiness, while dark circles, saggy eyelids, skin firmness and collagen production are improved with long term use.
  • Unique ingredients include hyadisine derived from mussels that give long lasting hydration to skin, aminiobutyric acid (GABA) which instantly reduces wrinkle appearance, purslane, gota kola and ginseng to relax expression lines.
  • This eye gel product comes in a roller ball pen which means it is easy to carry around for use of the go if required. But instead of clicking the end to dispense the product from the three roller balls like other pen-style eye gel (you gently squeeze the body of the pen), clicking the end will activate the pen vibration and will give you a soothing massage whilst applying this around the eye area.
  • As for product, it’s a gel that instantly cools the skin when applied and is light and non-sticky. Interesting it also gives a heated sensation as if the area after a minute as if it’s has been touched by chilli powder so it feels very weird. It’s a good thing the heated feeling fades in 5 minutes time.
  • I also felt a tightening of skin soon after application, so the tightening effect seems to be working straight away to temporarily restrictthe formations of expressions.
  • I noticed my puffy eyes diminishing minutes later and dry lines are plumped up by the hydration as well as a reduction in expression lines when my face was in a relaxed state (ie, not smiling).
  • After using this for 4 weeks, my eye areas are fresher and smoother, the texture improved and I look like I’ve had adequate sleep most nights. I don’t have bags under my eyes anymore but my dark circles didn't seem to lighten at all.
  • There is improvement on the fine lines after 6 weeks use but I felt it the instant results didn't translate to significant long term improvements. I’m not sure if prolonged longer term use will give better results so I’ll continue to use up the tube.
This is a great eye gel and in keeping with its name and claim, it works brilliantly for instant results. Whilst I'm happy with the immediate effects, I didn’t feel it did a better than other good eye creams or gels in the same price range. It’s safe to say I’m ambivalent about this product due to the weird heat tingling sensation despite loving the hydration, vibrating massage and short term results it gave.

If you have a special occasion and want instant improvement, then this could be the right product for you. For longer term results, I’d look to other eye creams such as the one below.
RRP A$67 -12ml at select Myer, Shaver Shop stores, pharmacies and online here.

ASAP advanced eye repair + 
Formulated with potent coenzyme Q10 (Ubiquinone), white tea and arnica to hydrate, nourish and readuce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and dark circles while promoting skin rnewal to improve texture and tone.
  • This pale yellow eye cream expressed from an airless pump is light and spreads very well, meaning a rice grain size amount will moisturise an entire eye and instant relieve and dry skin in the area. It feels slightly sticky upon application but that disappears once the product is absorb into the skin 2 minutes later.
  • While immediate results are well moisturised eyes, it’s the longer term results that I’m most impressed with in this eye cream. My stubborn dark circles are lighter after 2 weeks use (and I get the same amount of inadequate sleep throughout that period). I attribute this to the arnica as that is a proven ingredient to assist with breaking down bruising faster (I guess dark circles are sort of like bruises)
  • My skin really loves the CoQ10 and after a month’s use, my fine lines are more diminished, even on bare skin without using any products, it had definitely improved their appearances. The added benefits of vitamin A (retinyl palmitate) helps to ensure those lines are soften.
  • As for skintone, skin is definitely smoother, brighter and more even after a month use.
This has been my go to eye cream for the past 2 months (alternating with Aum’s firming eye cream) and I’m loving the results I’m getting from these 2 product and definitely high on my list to refill.
RRP $59 - 15ml at ASAP stocklists across Australia and New Zealand. It is also available online at the Facial Company and Adorebeauty.
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  2. Those micro massage balls seems relaxing to a tired and weary eyes.
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  3. Hi there,
    So yo pick the ASAP over the Instant FX? How long does the Instant FX last through out the day? Is it still working say 8 hours after application?
    Thanks B


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