Tuesday, March 20, 2012

A little Update & New Blog!

Dear readers,

If you are wondering about my lack of post (or sporadic posting) lately I must apologise. Work has been all-consuming lately and there has been too many times where I’m staying back in the office till late or taking work home and spending my nights working away on reports or Powerpoint packs.

I’m usually pretty drained and don’ have much mental capacity left to think of writing blog posts afterwards.

Please bear with me while I get my work sorted out over the coming weeks (and I’m really hoping things improve there) and I get to have more of a work-blog-life balance.

In the mean time, you will see some sporadic posts from me so do check back every once a while – I promise I have not ditched this blog. In fact I have big plans for it and want to share with you the news today!

I will be getting a shiny new blog soon when I move over to a self-hosted domain and move across to Wordpress soon. I was planning to move across by the end of this month but that doesn’t look likely at this stage. I hope everything will be ready in the next month.

I promise the wait is worth your while as it’s going to be a bigger better site that is easier to search and navigate. I’m even going to get a new logo – yay!

Everything is still in design mode and haven’t been finalised but here is the latest ideas - what do you think? I’d love all your feedback on how I can make the new site better, so if you have suggestions, I'd love to hear them from you now!
New logo ideas - what do you think?

I’ll also be setting up a Facebook page to stay updated with new blog posts and share photos with as I’ll lose the Google Friend Connect friends and would still love to keep in touch with you via other channels when I move over to wordpress. Again, more details on that will be available when I've set it all up.

Until then – I’m going to try and write a proper beauty post tonight while I still have some creative juices in me J


  1. Ahh I can completely sympathize with this...it really does suck when work takes over your life! :L
    Looking forward to your next posts, even if they are sporadic ;)
    oh, and if you do end up giving up blogging, I will personally come and murder you. hehe ;)

  2. Thanks lovely for the encouragement!

    Don't worry, no intentions of quitting for a very long time! :)


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