Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Wonder Water: Bioderma Crealine H2O

When you think of removing makeup, especially heavy eye makeup, you would always think to reach for your makeup remover or oil cleansers to do the task, wouldn’t you?

Well that was my theory until recently when I was introduced to a cleansing water that has consistently on the favourite list of celebrities (Kylie Mingue, Gemma Ward) and makeup-artists alike and can often be seen the back stages of fashion week.

The Bioderma Story:
In 1977, French brand Bioderma was launched by a skin pharmacist to bring bio-dermalogical products to help skin better perform its function. It boasts ingredients in its products that mimics the function of your skin’s own biological systems and creates the best and is recommended by leading dermatologists and pharmacists all over.

Bioderma has now made its way to the Australian shore and currently has 3 lines of products to address the most common skin concerns - oily skin (Sebum), sensitised skin (Crealine) and extra dry/eczema skin (Atoderm).

And last month, I was introduced to Bioderma’s product range and best selling product- their cleansing water that sells a bottle every 8 seconds aound the world!

Here’s a closer look at this wonder water:
  •  This is a non-rinse water - so is great for those late nights home when you need to remove makeup but can’t be bothered with washing up. Just a cotton pad soaked to remove the makeup and a another clean pad with the crealine water to pick up any residues and your skin is clean soft and soothe again (I always believe in double cleansing – even if it is the non-rinsing variety!)
  • It cleanses the skin of impurities thanks to the power ingredient ‘miclles’ which attracts oil/grease and keeps skin soft and feeling refreshed.
  • Has soothing ingredients of cucumber extract to relieve skin of any tightness or discomfort and is alcohol, fragrance and paraben free with the same pH as skin to keep skin balanced.
  • Removes all foundations easily and majority of eye makeup, including most waterproof mascaras. The only issue I found it took more effort to remove the Kiss Me Heroine waterproof mascara (my HG mascara) which just does not budge during the day and required longer contact with the wet cotton pad against the eye and few more wipes to remove.
  • The most impressive thing for me was its ability to clean up eye liner and pen marks, look below and at my hand and after 2 slow swipe of the cotton pad, the writing has all but disappear. Suitable for sensitive skin as it is super gentle and you after using it to cleanse your face, you can immediately apply your skincare.
Pen marks removed in a few gentle wipes
 Overall, I love the Crealine H20 cleansing water. Having been used to cleansing my face with water most of my life, the no rinse philosophy took some getting used to but I felt it left my skin softer and less dry.
No wonder it’s an international best seller with the impressive statistics of one bottle being sold every 8 seconds!
Simple ingredients
 I’m glad Bioderma has made it into the Australian market to offer us fantastic products that has been enjoyed many in the international shores. Now that it’s here, I cannot wait to try out its other lines, particualary the Sebum line for oily/combination skin.

Crealine H20 250ml RRP A$39.95 - Bioderma products is available from selected Melbourne and Sydney pharmacies and will expand to other states soon. For stocklist details or direct orders you can contact the company enquiry. Their new website will also launch very soon and I'll update with info when available.

This featured product was provided for consideration.


  1. Let me at it! Haha, this is something I'm just super excited to get... One day :( haha so tempting to break the ban but I'll be good! :)

  2. I've popped into Lehved before to look at Bioderma but $43 is a lot to spend on a makeup remover. Glad to hear there are other stockists now. I will keep eye out.

  3. This makeup remover is absolutely brilliant stuff. Big love <3

  4. Do you know which pharmacies stock it in Melbourne?

  5. @blackberryjunkie - sorry to be such an enabler and entice you to break your ban. At least it's for a great product that you will love daily :)

    @Klara, I'm updating the blog to include the Bioderma Australia Facebook page now. If you need stocklists or direct delivery, email them at contact@cosmetifrance.com and they will give you the info.

  6. @Isabel: I do have the Melb stocklists handy :)
    Here they are:
    Demarte's Amcal Pharmacy, Shop 5, Lygon court Shopping Centre, 380 Lygon Street in Carlton
    - Newton + Leung's Pharmacy, 272 Smith Street in Collingwood
    - Richmond Pharmacy, 246C Victoria Street in Richmond
    - Pharmacy Healthmart, Shop 5, Royal Melbourne Hospital, Grattan Street in Parkville
    - Preston Pharmacy, 548 Murray Road in West Preston
    - Amcal Wattle Park, 1123 Riversdale Road in Surrey Hills
    - Bay Street Pharmacy, 361 Bay Street in Brighton

  7. @Tine - I love it almost as much as the Guinot cleansing water. I still love that more for the scent though and they are very similar in ingredients too I noticed.

  8. I was reading up on this brand and the range of cleansing/water products and after much research decided it was too good to pass up. I was originally going to go for this one, but after recently been informed that my skin is actually combination sensitive I ordered this in the Sebum range. Your review here has made me wonder if it was the right choice, although equally happy that I've given this French brand a go.


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