Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Chloé - A Perfect Neutral Floral

You would know by now when it comes to fragrance, I’m mostly a floral kind of girl because they are so versatile and pair well with other notes to create warm and cool scents.

Warm and Cool scents I hear you say? Yes – just like colours, the olfactory world can also be structured into warm, cool and neutral categories.

Warmer scents have bases of spices, leather or wood notes to bring that earthy warm sensation to the nose whilst cool scents tend to invoke a refreshing air, akin to the welcoming evening Summer breeze that cools down the heat with features of citrus, green chrype, aquatic and ozone.

Then there are those fragrance that fall into neither territory – they have been carefully blended to exhibit both warm and cool, yet remain neutral and balanced to the nose.

Today we’ll explore what I think is a beautiful neutral floral with a hint of coolness that has me nostalgic for my young formative years.

Chloé by Chloé
Chloé is a classic scent and she sure looks the part. Eighty-eight grams of pure white sand has been transformed to make the glass that houses her juice. She has a soft feminine art-deco feel with her rectangular ribbed surface, collared by a silver plated neck complete with a pale pink bow tie which is topped off with a clear, wide oval cap.

Only 4 years old, Chloé is the brainchild of perfumers Amandine Marie and Michel Almairac. Her youth is immediately felt with the burst of sweet lychee and peony shining through the minute you spritz this onto your skin. This freshness then mingles with sensual roses blended with the magnolia and Lily of the valley that slowly blooms when the scent settles and I can’t help but feel I’m experiencing the coming of age a beautiful young girl, witnessing her blossom and grow into that cool and confident woman.

And when Chloé completes her transformation, you have a hint of fresh cedar delicately balanced with the soft sweetness and warmth of amber to complete the perfect neutral scent.

Chloé may be young and delicate but she will quietly embrace you all day like a best friend would if you need her to. She will happily accompany you out on a beautiful Spring day but don’t let that stop you from taking her along whenever you are nostalgic and looking to escape to those innocent and free-spirited times.
Chloé by Chloé EDP 30ml|50ml|100ml for RRP A$90| A$130| A$170. Available online and instores in Myer, David Jones and The Perfume Connection in Australia.  

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