Thursday, July 19, 2012

Freshen Up with Seed Heritage Emerald Nails

When Tine from Beautyholics Anonyomous tweeted a photo of her nail colour last month, I was instantly in love and asked her to pick one a bottle for me.

The nail polish of affection here is from Seed - a retail store founded in Melbournea 12 years ago. They have a small cosmetic range and this particular nail polish shade was on sale at a bargain of $7.95.

Seed Heritage Nail Varnish - Emerald
Let me start by saying that this even more pretty in real life than the photos suggest the shade to be.
And the name is very deceptive as well because it isn't an emerald coloured, but a rich sea-green or fresh teal shade - reminding me of mermaids and tropical lagoons.
Deceiving name aside, the colour is a gorgeous and bright - instantly cheering me up when I have it on. It contains micro-pearl (not very visible when dried) so doesn't look flat and dries to a satin finish (which I finish with a top-coat to get the glossy shiny look).

The formula is very forgiving and non-streaky, making it a breeze to apply. The bonus is that it dries quickly with 1 coat giving you a vibrant opaque colour and 2 a richer deeper hue.

I'm also happy to report that it lasts, withstanding 4 days' worth of wear without chipping and only slight fading in the edges.
Once coat of Seed Heritage Emerald

Paired with a black or dark coloured top or dress, teal coloured nails definitely adds an extra touch and makes the perfect statement nails to accesorise with.

What do you think of the colour? Do you wear brighter nail colours accessorise with the darker clothing we tend to wear in Winter?

RRP A$12.95 at Seed stores or online

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