Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Disco Nails with BYS Glitter Dust

I've seen many fun and innovative nail products come into the market in recent times (cue those press-on patterned nail strips, caviar nails, nail art pens etc), but nothing has gotten me as excited as the recent BYS glitter dust nail polish sets.

Not only is it give impressive results, it is very easy to apply as well – I watched this video below and knew I had to give it a go myself.

Now with your typical glitter nail polish, the glitter is already mixed into the nail enamel formula and can be hard to build a consistently glittery finish.

BYS Glitter Dust for Nails 
Shades: Star Crossed Lovers (pink) and Feeling the Sparkles (purple)
With BYS Glitter Dust, it’s actually two separate products: a normal opaque nail polish and a matching tub of micro glitter and gives you perfect results every time – I guarantee it.

How to get glamorous glittery nails in 4 easy steps
Disco nails in 4 easy steps with BYS
  1. Apply the nail polish as you would normally. 
  2. While nail is still wet, dip the nail into the tub of glitter so it sticks onto the finger nail. Don’t worry about the glitter going over the edge, as you have no product for it to stick on, it won’t stay. 
  3. Use the included a brush tool to brush off excess glitter around the edge of nails. 
  4. Slick on a top coat to seal the glitter onto nail and prevent fall outs.
  5. Viola! You are done. 
How easy was that?

Just be careful of the glitter fallout during application/dusting off so make sure you spread a newspaper under your working area to keep your table/floor clean afterwards.

The results are stunning and sparkles are like a disco ball on your digits. Available in 11 shades, there’s one to wear for every glamorous occasion when you need to bring some bling to your nails.

What do you think of these glitter nails? Are you into nail art? Share with me your thoughts.

RRP A$.795 per glitter pack at K-mart, Gloss Accessories, Cosmetics Plus, selected pharmacies and Online at Fashion Addict.

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  1. I still need to try these out! Might give it a go this arvo.

  2. Love the look but the removal is a b*tch as with all glitter polishes!

    Get the acetone out Jen.


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