Thursday, April 18, 2013

Take it off with Clarins Instant Eye Makeup Remover

Having oily eye lids, I am often wearing liquid eye liners and waterproof mascara to prevent smudging and the panda eye effect during the (sometimes very long) day.

These smudge-proof products do such a good job that it can be a pain in the back-side when it comes time to remove them. And really, when you want your makeup to come off, you just want it to be quick and easy.

I’ve always found dual phase removers to work best on removing waterproof makeup.
Note: A dual phase makeup remover is one with different layers of liquids (often an oil phase and a water phase) that you shake to mix and activate the liquid for use.

Today, I can add another dual phase product to my favourite list.

Clarins Instant Eye Make-up Remover 125ml 
Non-irritating and doesn't leave a sticky or oil residue on skin, this French gem from Clarins has been reformulated to contain  rose water, cornflower and camomile extract to soothe and calm skin, ensuring it doesn't irritate or after during use.

It even contains pro-vitamin B5 to gently condition lashes to help prevent them from being damage during mascara removal.

What you will notice from the first moment of use is the gentle floral rose scent which is instantly soothing to the sense and inviting on skin. It was non-irritating on my skin and even when I clumsily got some of the product into my eyes, I didn't experience any stinging sensation - woohoo!

I love the squirt nozzle to control and help with dispensing of the product. To use, I pour a bit of the shaken remover liquid onto a cotton pad and gently press it on my eyelids for 5 seconds before swiping across the lid. This usually sees 90% of my eye makeup lifted from my skin in 1 wipe and I would have some remaining mascara left on my lashes which I go over to wipe off in a couple more gentle strokes.

I also use this makeup remover to remove product from the rest of my face and it does the job with ease and in a cinch. I follow up my removal process with a good face wash using facial cleanser.

Another great thing about the product is its price – at $36 a bottle, it is much less than my favourite dual phase remover, Lancome Bi-facil (A$58). It may still be slightly more than other makeup removers but being so pleasant, gentle and effective to use, I'm willing to fork that bit extra and will be refilling with this Clarins makeup remover when I next run out.

What is your favourite makeup remover? I’d love to find out.

RRP A$36 at Clarins counters now at Myer, David Jones and selected pharmacies or online at AdoreBeauty.

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  1. Love a good dual phase remover! My ultimate fave is Lancome Bifacil!

    Having said that, the amazing single phase Bioderma and Sephora cleansing water have been doing a great job removing my waterproof makeup!

    I usually just use my Shu cleansing oil for everything, and Bioderma/Bifacil for eyes when I'm doing makeup looks. :)

    Great review!

  2. I liked this too but found I needed loads.
    I blogged it, please check it out


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