Monday, May 13, 2013

Go to Hair Heaven with Muk Spa Argan Oil Haircare

It's not often I get excited about hair care products - particularly shampoo and conditioners. However, when I was recently introduced to this range - let me tell you it was pure hair romance and love at first wash. And the adoration just continues every time I use it.

So what is this amazing range? Well it's none other than the latest Argan Oil Repair range from MUK.

For those not quiet acquainted to the brand, MUK is actually started by 3 passionate entreprenurs 6 years ago in Melbourne with the philosophy of creating great market leading hair styling products with attitude. They have since gone from strength to strength, branching out from the original "Hard Muk" hair styling product to now include haircare and hair styling tools as well as expanding into international markets in the UK, Western Europe. USA, and Taiwan.

Their latest additional to the current 23 haircare product line is the Muk Spa range.

with the core ingredient being the now ubiquitous Morroacan Argan oil we see in almost all hair care products, Muk's philosophy and point of difference is to only use ingredients that are actively beneficial to the health of hair. That means that the range is free from sulphates, parabens, phosphates, mineral oils and are full of nutrient giving and conditioning ingredients that nuture hair back to full health. Not only work on all hair types, its also colour safe so your pretty hair colour doesn't fade due to its use. Ok - that's enough talk, lets get straight into the range shall we?

Argan Oil Repair Shampoo 300ml - RRP A$26.95
 This has got to be my favourite shampoo to-date. It is gentle on use yet, smells divine with is warm sandalwood and aromatherapy based scent and gives hair and scalp a good clean. Not the stripped-of-all-oil but the nice-but-still-have-a-bit-of-moisture clean.

My hair doesn't feel stringy and even during the rinse, it is already smooth and untangled. I don't know how one can describe freshly washed and dried hair can be fluffy and soft, healthy, full of vitality without frizz or fly-aways, but that is exactly what this shampoo (together with the conditioner) does to my hair. I feel like I've created volume from the roots and the unruliness that my thick wavy hair is well renowned for is tamed.

That is definitely saying a lot without the aid of any styling products or tools. It's almost like magic really and hair feels light without being weighed down by residues or silicones (yes, you can tell I'm very much enamoured by this shampoo.)

Argan Oil Repair Conditioner 300ml - RRP A$26.95
Thick, and nourishing, this conditioner has the same aromatherapy scent as the shampoo but is richer and just adds moisture back into hair, effectively treating the dry ends that we're all prone to with all the hair styling and hair dying that hair is subjected to these days. It conditions, smooths and add shine back into hair - the perfect pair with the shampoo as is almost as effective as a hair treatment.

Argan Oil Repair Repair Mask 250ml - RRP A$26.95
I use this luxuriously rich masque once a week in place of conditioner to help add extra moisture back into hair, reducing dry ends and helps to improve brittle damaged hair. Make sure to leave this for 5 minutes or more so that the conditioning agents can penetrate into hair. Results are tangle free, smooth straight glossy hair every time after blow drying.

Argan Oil Repair Shine Spray 100ml - RRP A$34.95

A range cannot be complete without some post-washing hair care product and this has got to be one of my favourite products in the current market. It spray a fine mist to just lightly coat hair for a lustrous shine and reduces hair hair drying time when sprayed onto hair that is 40% dried. It also helps to keep any stubborn fly aways at bay and doesn't add weight to hair. I love how this shine spray also conditions and nourish hair to imrpove its health with the argan oil rather providing a temporary shine solution with heavy silicone based products.

Argan Oil Repair Treatment 100ml - RRP A$34.95

This is a viscous gel serum that is good on damp hair as it is on dry. The dropper dispenser makes it easy to dispense the right amount onto hands to use every time. On damp hair, it helps to tame and provide straighter hair once blow dried. On dry hair, it acts as a shine serum to add shine, and protect against heat damage, making it an ideal heat protectant product (I wouldn't advise to rely solely on this for heat protection as it would require too much product to provide the protection and be too heavy on hair).

I can honesty say I love washing my hair these days thanks to the MUK Spa Argan Oil range. I am already scouting for a local MUK salon so I can refill when I finish my shampoo and conditioner (I've been using them for 4 weeks and so am only halfway through them).

MUK haircare products are available at MUK stocklists. Call 1300 768 264 for stocklist info. International stocklists can be found at Muk Online.

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  1. This hair care line sounds good! I just wish the prices would fit my budget though.:(.. anywho, great review! ^.^

  2. @Pand_Sarah - it's an amazing range. Stay tuned. I've got a giveaway for it coming right up this week so you may just get to try it after all :)


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