Thursday, September 12, 2013

Marc Jacobs Honey EDP

Marc Jacob's latest fragrance offering launched just in time for the Southern hemisphere Spring this year and has an equally cheerful personality.

Fruity and floral, the energetic juice is held in a light honey tinted round bottle, covered with white dots and adorned with black and gold embellishments reminiscent of bumble bees on the bottle an another on its topper. 

This cute packaging accurately captures the fun loving nature of the scent with crisp pear and citrus notes of mandarin orange balanced with the sweetness of honeysuckle and delicate orange blossom. This blend remind me of a light honeydew scent which is further enhanced by a light touch of honey in a warm woodsy vanilla base, creating a light but well bodied scent.

On me, Honey has with a fairly soft sillage (that's perfume speak for how far away you are before you detect the scent on someone, a scent's projection or trail if you will) which is perfect for daytime wear when you just want hint of warm fruity sweetness surrounding you as you go about your day. 

It doesn't last too long though, so keep that in mind if you want something that is more lasting. Highly recommended for those lunch dates or casual weekend outings when you want a dose of fruity cheerfulness.

Marc Jacobs Honey EDP 30ml/50ml/100ml for A$75/A$120/A$160 available at Myer and David Jones now.

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