Monday, October 7, 2013

Modern Muse EDP by Estee Lauder

Modern Muse is the newest fragrance from Estee Lauder since it's last offering Beyond Paradise, launched a decade ago in 2003 which I adore and currently own two bottles of.

Modern Muse is Estee Lauder's most grown up floral fragrance - it embodies independence, confidence and with a firm feminine touch from the jasmine and woody accords, a exemplification of the modern women and the multi-roles she plays in today's society.

Sleek and tall, the bottle's curved edge and clean and clear straight lines houses a light grapefruit pink juice, complemented by the rectangular geometric gold and black top to gives it a bold and strong presence, representative of a strong  feminine woman standing tall and holding her own.

Upon first spray, the highlights of fresh citrus makes a brief appearance before waltzing off to give way to the belle of the ball - the sambac jasmine accord which have been cleverly enhanced by mandarin and the light sweetness of honeysuckle. The woody aspects don't really project strongly in this Modern Muse. Here it plays more of a supporting role - gently wrapping around the white floral scent to enhance it with notes of amber wood, soft musk over a vanilla back drop. Modern Muse also features patchouli but I can't say its very discernible to my nose.

Modern Muse may be floral and feminine, but it is no wall flower. Being able to come off as very clean, fresh and cool, I see myself putting Modern Muse on during a spring or mild summer day, as it it imparts to its wearer the confidence to get through whatever challenges she may face on her given day.

RRP A$85/ A$115/ A$155 for 30ml/ 50ml/ 100ml
Modern Muse  EDP is available now at Estee Lauder counters and online.

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