Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Tooling up with Real Techniques Duo-Fiber Collection Brushes

When you are looking for the flawless, streak-free finish, you need to invest in proper makeup brushes as the application of a product  is often only as good as the tool used. It used to be that you have to look high-end brands to get good quality brushes but there are now value-for-money options that does equally as good if not sometime better job.

Take the latest brush set from Real Techniques. Created by a make-up artist and you-tube beauty guru, Samantha Chapman (or Pixiwoo as we've endearingly known her), who knows tools of the trade can make or break a job sometimes so it's fantastic that she has created a line of great value duo-fibre brush set of three that makes achieving a flawless air-brushed look easy and fool-proof.
Made by synthetic duo fibres of thicker and short black to add density to the brush with longer and finer hair optic hairs to give to make blending light work. The hair on the products did not shed on me, unlike real animal hair duo fibre brushes that I own from MAC and Hakuhodo, which sheds when used with liquid products. They are also slightly firmer, but not scratchy (at least not the set I have as I've seen online comments that the eye brush bristles can be too stiff), making it easier to blend liquid and cream based products to achieve that airbrushed look.

The face brush is a flattened round shape that is tapered at the tip to create a dome shape. It is perfect for very light weight application of pigmented powders – think bright coloured blushes.  On liquid foundations, I  dot the product on skin and then stipple it in so that the results  like it was achieved with an airbrush– ie, even and diffused, giving me that perfect coverage that looks good even under a magnified mirror.
On cream based foundation I apply the product on my hand and the finish off the final blending with the duo fibre face brush to achieve the airbrushed look.

The contour brush is great for working in tricky areas like around the nose and near the eyes where the face brush would be too big for precise work.  It is also perfect for contouring with a matte bronzer to create that killer high-cheekbones look.
Using the duo-fibre brush with a Bobbi Brown shimmer brick to create the diffused glow on the face
The eye shadow brush is amazing for blending and crease work and it helps me to achieve an amazing smokey eye look every time, I even use it to smoke out my under eye area using the very tip of the brush.

I’ve now incorporated these brushes into my everyday routine and it is now a welcomed addition to my family of makeup brushes.  If you don’t yet have duo brushes in your beauty ‘toolbox’ then I highly recommend you look into these versatile and value-for-money brushes

Real Techniques Duo Fibre Collection – RRP A$49.95 is limited Edition and available at Priceline and online at the Beauty Office. Those in the US can try the Real techniques online store here.


  1. I purchased these for my cousin as a birthday gift. Now I want them! haha

    1. You should Julie - it's a good collection for the face brushes.... you probably already have a eye blending brush so the eye brush is not a must-have.

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  3. I bought this collection from a US based website and only paid $20.

    Unfortunately, the price was the best part of the deal for me. The bristles are far too scratchy and they have a dreadful smell (even when dry).

    I own a lot of the Real Techniques brushes and I have had success with the original brushes.

    I also bought 3 of the Real Techniques Beauty Blender dupe sponges. Two of the sponges have a major problem. When the product is wet they do not expand properly & I can see where I have squeezed the sponges even when dry. The faulty sponges take 3 days to dry compared to the overnight drying time for the sponge that is fit for purpose.

    After two epic fails I won't be purchasing anymore from Real Techniques. I feel like a lot of R & D went into the original brushes but after that it has just been a grab for cash.

    1. That's a shame to hear. I had no problems with my set and still use it almost everyday, especially the blusher brush to apply cream based blushes.

      Given the bristles are synthetic, it surprises me that it is scratchy. The only thing I can think of is quality control issues but I these are the only brushes I own from Real Techniques so can't do an objective comparison across their other brushes. My other only thought is that perhaps the products you received might be defective.

      I've not use their beauty blender dupe sponges so can't comment.


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