My Moving Experience Christchurch to Auckland New Zealand

So it was a change of scenery for me recently and you know what they say, 'a change is better that winning tattslotto!' Moving has been in the pipe works for a while now and I'm glad to say that it is now done and dusted. You know one of life's most stressful things is packing up all your belongings, everything that you have ever owned and cherished into a moving truck and relocating to a new home. That is why I don't do it very often and when I do, I'd like to make sure it is done right and with less stress. There's no doubt that all you lovers out there know what I'm talking about and feel my pain! So let me share with you what I found works and maybe you can save yourself some heartache.

Moving is not an overnight process and the more time you have to plan it the better, preparation is the key to all successful moves and if you are leaving it to the last minute then you are asking for trouble. Increased anxiety and higher costs can contribute your heightened stress levels, I would recommend having at least 6 weeks to prep for your move. Once you have decided to move and have a date in mind, one of the very first steps is to find someone to help do the job. Whether you gather your friends up and promote a free lunch or do what I did and use a comparison website to find a list of house movers to quickly provide you with some costs so you have an idea of what to expect.

Now that you have got the date sorted and a fair idea of what furniture movers costs in your area, its time to get down to business, there are three things you need to remember here and that is keep, recycle and trash. Yes! You need to sort out what your are taking with you, what you can sell or give to charity and you should be trashing the rest. There is no point taking a empty shoe box or items that you think you'll use but just end up being stored in the new house, it is just costing you money to get it moved.

Unexpected costs is a factor that can stress you out, now think about your contents and how much it means to you, can you imagine living without them if something was to happen? It's best to factor in the costs of transit insurance for your move instead of being hit with an unexpected bill at the end. Protect yourself from damage or just in-case your items go walkabouts, it is a must in my opinion. There is simply too much horror stories out there and insurance is something you cannot buy once you need it, so protect it or lose it.

Keep all your important documents and sentimental items with you on your move, don't pack them in a box and send it with the rest of the furniture. Take extra precaution with these valuables and you can safe yourself from stress you do not need, I recommend you take it with you in your own car, that way you know where they are and it'll arrive safely.

My final moving tip is to ensure you have access to you old house for at least a week after your move, this is a point that I've made mentally for any of my future moves based on what I've learnt through experience. The mover you booked in may have truck problems on the day or just didn't turn happens! Imagine moving day, a house full of furniture that needs to be moved, the end of lease cleaner is coming is 3 hours and you need to hand in the keys to the landlord the next day! It's not a ideal situation and can send your stress levels through the roof! So give yourself a window for unexpected situations and save yourself from finding a new mover at last minute which we know can cost a fortune. Until next time, happy moving!